If build fails, Monitor opens anyway covering error

If a build or upload fails, why does the Monitor open anyway, thus covering error. It should know that the build failed and not open the monitor window afterwards right? That’s what every other IDE I have does.

Is there a way to change this behavior?

I know when a build fails, the serial monitor reconnects - does it actually also do that when the upload fails?

If you’re using VSCode, it’s ‘merely’ a matter of switching to the build terminal via the dropdown.


I don’t see an option for either the VSCode plugin, nor the PlatformIO CLI to behave otherwise.

Yes I just retested, it switches to the terminal if the build or the upload fails.

I know I can just switch back, but it’s giving the false impression that you are monitoring the new code.

It’s very annoying, if the upload does not build and upload, it should not switch.

I see this has been an open issue since 2018. :frowning:

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I noticed this as well, often use upload to get a build and uplaod doen, step away to hget a drink come back and it looks like new build is running which is confusing,

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