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IDE Bug (VSCode) - Login with social


When trying to log in to my PlatformIO account from the IDE (VSCode) when using a social connection (GitHub in my case), it appears to send you to the wrong URL:
This results in a 404 error.

If I change the URL to match the format used when using the reset password link, it then works correctly:

And that happens with the latest PIO core too? CLIpio upgrade --dev

I’ve just upgraded to the latest version (6.1.4a2) and it still happens. (Tried GitHub and Google)

This appears to be where it is configured - It appears to have been like this for a couple of years so it looks like the server-side might be misconfigured:

Additionally it looks like the Google OIDC client is misconfigured as I get an additional error with that after correcting the URL:

Error 403: org_internal
This client is restricted to users within its organization.

(Client ID:

CC @ivankravets for possible bug

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Thanks for reporting this bug! Please open PlatformIO CLI and type

pio upgrade

Restart VSCode.

P.S: @maxgerhardt, thanks for pinging me :pray:

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We submitted our apps for review to Google. This is from their dashboard:

Verification Status
Verification in progress

The Trust and Safety team has received your form. They will reach out to you via your contact email if needed. The review process can take up to 4-6 weeks. Expect the first email from our Trust and Safety team within 3-5 days.

Thank you, I can now log in with both GitHub and Google. The Google flow seems to work perfectly without the verification from Google, it offered to link the additional account and required email verification as you’d expect.

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