I would love to contribute but I don't know where to start

Dear everyone,

I have always felt a strong appeal do help in some open source project but I never found the right project to start with. I feel like PlatformIO could be a perfect fit, because I love the whole concept and want to drive it forward.
However, I have no idea where to start and am a bit lost. I’d love to contribute to the core if that is in any way possible. Is there anyone who can hold my hands for some steps?

There’s always work to do. Core bugs to fix (https://github.com/platformio/platformio-core/issues) or enhancements, with each and every development platform (ESP32, STM32, AVR, etc.) having its own set of open issues and enhancement request. Or developing new platforms (as a hobby I’m currently working on a Winnermicro W600 integration and ASR650x integration :slightly_smiling_face:), integrating hobby-made ones… Pull-request into these repos are always welcome.

Maybe there’s some global coordination (chat server or whatever) going on for development, @ivankravets should know about that.


@valeros, please help.

It mostly depends on your skills. @maxgerhardt correctly mentioned our organization page PlatformIO · GitHub that contains all repositories which are open for contributions: bugfixes, new features, etc. You can even improve our documentation here GitHub - platformio/platformio-docs: PlatformIO Documentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe a page “Getting involved in development” in GitHub - platformio/platformio-core: A professional collaborative platform for embedded development or the main website would be cool.

Thanks for the many replies. I will find an issue that I want to look into more closely and document my way. Maybe by sharing this information, future contributors will have an easy way into the project.