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I really need your help regarding file location calls

I want to use LVGL, but I use NXP’s GUI tool to make a gui interface, and then generate the code. Now I don’t know how to put the generated code inside pio. I don’t want to change this generated folder relationship.
Why is PIO’s file relationship reference so difficult?
Other software such as eclipse and KEIL are easy to include files.

The code generated by the gui is as follows


Q1:How can I put this code into pio as it is?

Q2:How can I use folders inside src to put header files or source files?


file pxx.ini
file library.json
how to use?
i try all,but not useful.

Regarding the file location, folder, and file calling problem, it took many days, but I still can’t get it right.
It’s really annoying.
i need your help…

i serach google,youtube,community.pio,no valid answer。。。

The include/src dirs are starting point where PlatformIO looks for the source or includes files. You can later extend CPPPATH with Build options — PlatformIO latest documentation

So, set

src_dir = generated
include_dir = generated

build_flags = 
  -I generated/guider_fonts

board = ..