I did a mess with my libs :(

I recently start to use the new organization thing (witch is great by the way), and I created one called Luos.
My old libs seems to be owned by luos-io and I don’t know how to modify it (I would like to call it Luos) I can’t push anything with --owner luos-io.
I pushed the new revision of my lib owned by Luos but now their is 2 of them.
I just want to move all luos-io owned lib to luos organization without destroying all the revisions.
At the end I would like to obtain 3 libs : Luos, LuosHAL, and Robus all owned by the luos organization.

You can find all the mess here : PlatformIO Registry

Can someone help me about that?

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I think only superadmins can do that. @ivankravets can you have a look at that?

Btw, it’s also fine to keep all these libraries, even with the same name, since with PlatformIO you have the power of declaring the exact owner and library version – see your other post in Library dependancy doesn't download where that’s probably the problem.


The libraries are moved to luos. You can manage organization details using pio org update — PlatformIO latest documentation



Thank you guys.