I can't compile Marlin Firmware due to PlatformIO error

Greetings. I have been trying for half a day to compile my own Marlin firmware but I’m stymied on every turn by errors coming from PlatformIO which is an essential ingredient of the process. I’m not a programmer. I’m an active member of a 3D printing community, many of whom compile their own Marlin firmware, so to get better control, I decided I’d like to have a go. So far, no luck.

Is there anyone in the PlatformIO community who can assist me? Thank’s in anticipation
Brian Chester

I’m using a Mac.
Here’s the information I receive when trying to compile Marlin
I attempted to included the error messages but the admins blocked me by telling me I can only include two links in a post. I hope converting it to a pic works

Seems to overlap

so let’s discuss it there

Could you open PlatformIO CLI in VSCode and type:

pio system info

Please provide an output here.