I am not able to upload code on my esp32s board

I’ve installed platform IO with vs code on my macbook air, after clicking on upload, i am getting the following error:

Building .pio/build/esp_wroom_02/firmware.bin
Creating BIN file “.pio/build/esp_wroom_02/firmware.bin” using “/Users/anmolhashmi/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif8266/bootloaders/eboot/eboot.elf” and “.pio/build/esp_wroom_02/firmware.elf”
Configuring upload protocol…
AVAILABLE: espota, esptool
CURRENT: upload_protocol = esptool
Looking for upload port…
Error: Please specify upload_port for environment or use global --upload-port option.
For some development platforms it can be a USB flash drive (i.e. /media//)
*** [upload] Explicit exit, status 1
===================================================================== [FAILED] Took 27.75 seconds =====================================================================
The terminal process “platformio ‘run’, ‘–target’, ‘upload’” terminated with exit code: 1.

Please help me with the issue.
Thank you !!

Why is there ESP8266 in the output when you say you have a ESP32s board? Please post your platformio.ini and a link to your used board.

thank you for the reply maxgerhardt :slight_smile: , below i’ve added all the required details


platform = espressif8266

board = esp_wroom_02

framework = arduino

this is my .ini file :point_up_2:

link to my used board: https://www.espressif.com/sites/default/files/documentation/esp32-wroom-32e_esp32-wroom-32ue_datasheet_en.pdf

Well if you have ESP32 WROOM-32 then you don’t have an ESP8266. You’ve selected the wrong board.

Please just use

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino

And make sure the serial to USB converter’s driver is installed. For a CP2102, see CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs, for a CH340, see CH341SER.EXE - 南京沁恒微电子股份有限公司.

Hi, followed the process, but getting the same error again :frowning:

Please show the current error message and PIO Home’s “Devices” side-tab.

please check them

There isn’t even a serial device for your board. This either means that

  1. your development board is dead
  2. you have used a faulty USB cable or one that does not have data connections (power-only)
  3. Some device in between the USB port and your computer is faulter (like a USB hub)
  4. you have installed the wrong drivers for your usb-to-serial converter

Regarding point 4 and MacOS, maybe check out Mac upload fails to /dev/tty.usbmodem52D60049421. I’m not expert on that field.