How to use sdcard library on stm32 board?

I want to use this library.

but platformio shows errors.

multiple definition of `SDFileSystem::disk_status()'

I think that two libraries has same symbol, so platformio links both.

  • ~/.platformio/packages/framework-mbed/libs/fat/TARGET_NUCLEO_F103RB/TOOLCHAIN_GCC_ARM/libfat.a
  • (PROJECT_ROOT)/.pioenvs/nucleo_f103rb/libSDFileSystem_ID388.a(SDFileSystem.o)

I want to know how to disable to load libfat.a.

Hi @ina_ani
Could you share your project as zip somewhere?

This is the source code.

I want to prevent to link “libfat.a”, because use another fat library.
Please tell me the way to prevent to link mbed built-in library.