How to use nRF Connect SDK (NCS) framework instead of native zephyr

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I wanted to know how to use the nRF Connect SDK or more appropriately this fork of the main zephyr branch instead of the default one in PlatfromIO? I am using nrf52840 based custom hardware and have also created corresponding board.json file.

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You can arbitrarily exchange the source of the framework-zephyr and related packages per documentation. This is an example of this with more explanation. Also see this related thread.

For full native integration with PlatformIO, file a feature request issue.

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as a follow-on to the above discussion that is over 1.5 years old, is there now native support for nrf Connect SDK in PlatformIO? Or does it still have to be done manually?
The reason I ask is that I have been developing a middleware package on a custom nrf52 board using nrfConnect plugin for VSCode for some time now, and use parts of the nrf-specific nrfConnect SDK too (not just the Zephyr part) i.e., nrfxlib etc. I am exploring the possibility of moving to PlatformIO to make deployment easier for users of my package. However, it appears to me that PlatformIO still does not have out-of-box support for the nrf Connect SDK. Is this true? If so, it will defeat the purpose of moving to PlatformIO (i.e. to make the deployment experience smoother for my users). Is this in the works? Or do I have to raise a request for this?
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