How to use latest zephy build / rc

I have logged a bug with the Zephyr team about build 2.2 and bug(s) with the shell.
They have advised it should be fixed in the latest build 2.3 rc1.
How do I update platformio (I have nordic nrf52840 dev board) to use the 2.3 release.
currently I am using clion ide with the platformio plugin.

Normally I would wait, but the shell bug is causing the shell to freeze in may different ways so I am constantly running to see if a simple line of c++ causes the shell to freeze.


Just got feedback from the Zephyr Team and they advised that 2.3 should be released next week.

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If you need to use it absolutely now you can always use the platform_packages directive to point any package to another source. In your case you might be interested in the framework-zephyr package (or another package like framework-zephyr-fatfs or whatever).

First you should have a look at the current state of that package by going into your packagefolder (C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\framework-zephyr or /home/<user>/ .platformio/...) and checking out the files. The main Zephyr core files should be there along with a package.json saying e.g.

	"description": "A small, scalable open source RTOS for IoT embedded devices",
	"name": "framework-zephyr",
	"url": "",
	"version": "2.20200.200401"

Here the version Zephyr version is e.g. 2.2.0 ancoded as the 202000.

You should be able to create a new repository (e.g. github), add the newer Zephyr core files (in the same structure as the current package) and add a package.json with an increase version, and then say

platform_packages = 
    framework-zephyr @ <your github url here> 

in the platformio.ini.

The other way is of course to wait for the PlatformIO platform devs (stm32, nrf52 or whatever platform you’re working with) to update the PlatformIO package repository with new versions of framework-zephyr-*.

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Thank you for the easy to understand instructions.
Sorry for delay in responding. did not turn notifications on.
I might wait a couple of weeks first as I am getting a new development board.