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How to use "esp-bridge or esp-builtin" presented in the documentation of platformio?

Hi, there are “esp-bridge” and “esp-builtin” behind CMSIS-DAP, as the picture illustrated:
I’m very confused with them, and I searched them in the docs of platformio, hope to find something useful, but nothing find.
Can anyone post a detailed explaination about how to use them correctly?
Best regards.

I guess the usage of “eps-bridge” and “esp-builtin” is:
Take “esp-builtin” as an example, add debug_tool=esp_builtin in platformio.ini if the esp32 board support esp_builtin as its debugger. So debug_tool=cmsis-dap is wrong for some boards, such as ESP32-C3-DevKitM-1.

Due to the lack of boards, I’m not sure whether the above statement is correct.