How to use edited libraries?

Ok so, I do love PlatformIO specially because of Unity Testing, its just amazing and I’m trying to use it in all my codes.

Thing is, I’m a freelancer and my clients are don’t share this very same taste for platformio, they actually prefer to have everything running on arduinoIDE. I think they feel more comfortable about it idk.

So ok I came up with a simple solution: Build the repo with all the regular files for arduinoIDE in there and make Symbolic Links for all of those files into a PlatformIO folder that sometimes I even add into .gitignore since it is useful only by me. and so far it is working great.

As you can see in the image above, all those “Enter like” icons are Symbolic Links Files that point directly into each file and everything compiles just fine! It truly works!! and the reason I’m telling you all this is because I dont know if it my problem has something to do with that or not so I though it was worth mentioning.

Moving on…

ok so it all works, I got all the libs I need from you guys.


and this is how I’m currently using them in my code

and obviously, this way works just fine because I’m using the libs_deps. Sometimes I need to Edit something into the Lib, now I dont wanna edit the libs inside libs_deps, so How can I use the ones in the local folder? (include → src → the libs I wanna use)

Thank you very much in advance,

Ok, I’ve figured it out. I think this post can be closed now

What did you do to solve it?