How to unregister a library

Hi there,

There is a library I like to unregister from the PlatformIO library registry. What’s the procedure for this?


Just paste here a link to library in our registry.

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Please unregister PlatformIO Registry
I renamed it to JsonLogger


No need to unregister. You changed name in manifest and PlatformIO Crawler handled that automatically.

Hi ivan,

we moved our repository to new location (library that kakopappa mentioned before):

  • added a new repo on git
  • changed repository/url & version info in library.json (old destination)
  • updated version in library.json (new destination)

Problem: library point’s to new location, but manifest isn’t updating. Seems that crawler still use the old manifest location.

old repo:
new repo: GitHub - sinricpro/esp8266-esp32-sdk: Library for - simple way to connect your device to Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings and cloud
library: PlatformIO Registry

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Done! PlatformIO Registry

Thanks for using PlatformIO!

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Thank you for your support!