How to trigger a library update?

Is it possible to trigger an update for a PlatformIO library? The github repo for PlatformIO Registry changed version (to 0.3.0) 3 months and a week ago again (to 0.4.0). But PlatformIO still shows the old one (0.2.0).

Also i wonder why PlatformIO Registry is updated (automatically?). Both are folder in the same git repo.

edit: the links are compressed to “PlatformIO Registry”. Now i am not sure if “Libraries” was the correct topic. Maybe move to “Registry” ?

This repo throws multiple libraries in one repo, which is usually not supported in PlatformIO. Maybe someone from PlatformIO added it manually. CC @ivankravets can you update?

It looks like the library was updated automatically. There is some delay when manifest (JSON) contains issues. We ask library maintainers to use a new method for publishing libraries to the registry using pio pkg publish — PlatformIO latest documentation