How to preserve ino2cpp files


Can I preserve ino2cpp files or can I do the ino2cpp conversion manually?


PS: After upgrading to 3.0.0b9 a project does not compile anymore and I want to figure out which lines causes the problem.

Thanks a lot for the report. This is very important because we are close to make final release. I’ve just created new branch for you that keeps ino2cpp file. Please install

pip install -U

You will see in src folder converted file. I think that issue is linked with the latest addition that converts multile string to 1 string. I would be glad for any help how to reproduce this issue.

Here are the current tests:

Thank you very much!

Its was now easy to reduce the issue to one line:

e.g. put this in the first line of blink example and rename it to .ino:

#define SQR(a)
( a * a )

the ino2cpp converter only writes “( a * a )” and deletes the "#define SQR(a) " part.

PS: please don’t forget the clean issue when you release 3.0.

Thanks, fixed! As for the issue #747, I’ll check it.