How to path project folder on NAS?


Sorry if the question has already been asked, despite my research I didn’t find any answer…

I work on several computers, and I want to know how I can place the default project folder on NAS storage with Visual Studio Code & PlatformIO ?

It’s not immiedately obvious, but it’s there! :wink:

To set the default project folder, you’ll need to run platformio via the terminal, so you can change the value of projects_dir in the core platformio settings. Open up a PIatformIO terminal in VSCode, and run platformio settings get projects_dir,and you’ll see the value that projects_dir is currently set to. To set it… platformio settings set projects_dir "new_value".

I’ll let it up to you to find out if network paths work, or if you need to use mounted drive letters! :laughing: :rofl:

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I just tried using this method and it did not work for me. I think the problem for me is that it is CMD.EXE that cannot use the UNC path names. Is there a way to have Platformio use Windows PowerShell instead of CMD.exe?

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Indeed, cmd.exe doesn’t work with UNC path names and probably never will.

In theory, it should work with a mapped network drive, i.e. you have to map the path to a network drive letter so that a path like \\SUPERNAS\TEAM_ALEX\PROJECTS becomes T:\.

But it seems that certain platforms exhibit a bug and still don’t work because they somehow resolve it back into a UNC path.

See the below discussion for a similar problem: