How to match platformio version number to github commit (ESP32 fwk)


In PlatformIO I’m currently using (the latest) framework-arduinoespressif32: 1.1.5.
By looking at dates and comparing I figured out that this matches commit b34d18f5769b1dca526fc52926c51abbded593cd
on GitHub - espressif/arduino-esp32: Arduino core for the ESP32.
The git repository has no tags/versions telling us that this is 1.1.5, which I guess is because of Espressif not wanting to assign version numbers yet to this early work?

It would still be nice to easily find out which github revision is used for a specific platformio version, rather usefull for debugging or reporting faults :slight_smile:

Is there any log/changelog/buildlog/anything where this could be found?


Take a look at