How to link perso libs

Hi I have three projects. One arduino project and two personal librairies.
| |–src
| |- Bar.c
| |- Bar.h
| |–src
| |- Foo.c
| |- Foo.h
| |–src
| |- Blink.ino

Blink include Bar.h and Foo.h

I just want to build them all together when I upload or build the Blink project…

How can I do without reinstall the Foo and Bar libs in the .piolibdeps folder.
If I put it in the lib folder of the Blink project those librairies cannot have there own GitHub repo.


Redirecting... ?

Mmm… it doesn’t work. The modified libs are not recompiled.

to make it work I use the option lib_deps and I point on my personal ibs

But each time I must flush the .piolibdeps folder.

So I create a batch file to flush it and I put it in the platformio.ini with a !, But I must create a fake environment to run the batch file before the compilation of the real environment… It’s a patch. But it’s working.

  1. Please provide platformio.ini
  2. Please provide a location of Foo & Bar libs