How to install Wemos D1 Mini pro Board

Hi, I am trying to set up PlatformIO on a new PC. The board I am working with is the wemos d1 mini pro which I can select from the list but can not install it since is not available anymore. Is there some work around available, like using something from my old computer or can I somehow use this Json file:
Many thanks in advance!

That’s not possible. PlatformIO’s platform and ESP8266 support works completely indepedently of external websites like… the wemos Wiki.

Your board is normally available in PlatformIO per documentation as “WeMos D1 mini Pro”.

Please show the error message you’re getting in the PlatformIO IDE when attempting to use this board.

Yepp - you are right, ashes on my head! I was clicking all the time on the shopping cart because if you hover over the cart it says “Get Now!” and this was exactly I wanted to achieve. Never mind. I found it and I am fine. Thanks a lot!