How to install into /lib

how do i make pio to install libs from #include into project’s /lib ( as vs to .pio/lib_deps ) ?
thank you

It looks like you’re after the libdeps_dir parameter - since the documentation suggests the Library Manager will honour that parameter for installation of dependencies.

does it mean that project/lib is completely ignored by pio? //scratching my head

No, libraries which are put in there are compiled as normal; what made you think otherwise

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for some reason i thought that lib manager installs libs into (among other places) project/lib.
the README in project/lib basically implies that PIO manages the libs in that directory.

Sorry, but no it doesn’t (imply that). It says that …

PlatformIO will compile them to static libraries and link into executable file.

… and that …

PlatformIO Library Dependency Finder will find automatically dependent
libraries scanning project source files.

but that is the extent of it. The LDF / Library Management will find libraries, but not manage/update/modify them. Mainly since …

This directory is intended for project specific (private) libraries.

… as opposed to public / generic libraries.

thank you for breaking this down for me. Will pointing libdeps_dir to project/lib be breaking the architecture?

the reason i’m trying to clarify this aspect of lib management is because of codeblocks integration - CodeBlocks: can't locate library managed by PIO
basically, CB can’t find libs the PIO installs into ./penv/ location.

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I don’t think so. As far as your codeblocks issue, I’ve replied to that in that thread.