How to include mbed-dev library with platformio under atom?

I’ve downloaded mbed-dev from here:

and extracted all the files to the lib folder from a new project.

When building the project I am receiving following errors ():

lib/mbed-dev/cmsis/TOOLCHAIN_IAR/cmain.S: Assembler messages:
lib/mbed-dev/cmsis/TOOLCHAIN_IAR/cmain.S:28: Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `-'
lib/mbed-dev/cmsis/TOOLCHAIN_IAR/cmain.S:29: Error: bad instruction `module ?cmain,C-level initialization.'
lib/mbed-dev/cmsis/TOOLCHAIN_IAR/cmain.S:33: Error: bad instruction `section SHT$$PREINIT_ARRAY:CONST:NOROOT(2)'
lib/mbed-dev/cmsis/TOOLCHAIN_IAR/cmain.S:34: Error: bad instruction `section SHT$$INIT_ARRAY:CONST:NOROOT(2)'

What can I do about this? Thanks for any help…