How to import gcc-arm project to platformio

I am trying to import the project from this link to platformio.
I am now compiling it using the makefile provided in the project, however, I would like to import this project as a platformio project, in order to be able to debug and program my device through platformio.

I tried adding the platformio.ini file with the following contents, however I cannot start the debugger:

env_default = nordicnrf52


platform = nordicnrf52

framework = arduino

board = nrf52_dk

debug_tool = jlink


i came here from a google search for the same question.
Not much love from the community here!
Some guidance would be really useful

Integrating a pre-existing project (e.g., based on Makefiles or whatever) into the PlatformIO build system all comes down to the individual project itself. There’s no one-way-fits-all conversion method. PlatformIO’s build system however gives you all the needed tools and settings that you should need. The configuration options are are vastly documented, with a plethora of example projects for each microcontroller platform and framework imaginable.

If you have a specific question on why something is not working in a project of yours, feel free to open a new topic.