How to download a library that I used with arduino?

How do I download a library?

Which library do you mean?

I was talking about how to download a library…like any library =))) ! but i figure it out!

Search it with the command

platformio lib search <keyword>

and download it with the command

platformio lib install <IDofLibrary>

Thanks a lot guys! It took me a while to figure it out! hahah

Does anyone know a library that lets me connect a 4x4 keypad to arduino using only one pin? Please! Thanks

I never used one but it seems that there is three libraries “officially” registered in the platformio database :

platformio lib search keypad

leads to :

[ 165 ] Keypad           arduino, atmelavr, atmelsam, espressif8266, intel_arc32, microchippic32, nordicnrf51, teensy, timsp430 "Mark Stanley, Alexander Brevig": Keypa

d is a library for using matrix style keypads with the Arduino.

Did you try it ?

No i didn’t but i’ll try it! thanks!

I read the documentation of all 3 but the problem is that they all connect with all 8 pins and for the arduino ide there is a library(or more) that lets you connect the keypad using only one analog pin. The keypad connect to a resistor network and the resistor network connects to arduino A0… that is what i am looking for but Thanks a lot and sorry for annoying you!

Did you try to import those libraries in the local /lib/ folder of your project ?

I just did that like a minute ago and it worked !

Perfect. Enjoy now haha !