How to customize the display of colored lines in logs?

Tell a newbie how to customize the output to the platformio terminal so that the lines become colored? I have enabled color support in ESP_LOG, color codes are displayed simply as symbols, but the lines themselves remain gray.
PS: The search, alas, gave nothing. Probably bad looking
PS 2: Windows 7 operating system

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Alas, it didn’t work. Tried both colorize and direct and --raw …

I read somewhere that the Windows terminal cannot display colors. If so, then sadness

No tweaks with filters and built-in terminal options helped to enable the display of logs in color. At the same time, having connected via PuTTY, we see that the colors are displayed correctly.

Is there a way to make normal colors for Windows?
Or at least hook PuTTY to PlatformioIDE as the default terminal?

Works just fine in Windows 10 + VSCode where the default terminal is PowerShell, plus with monitor_filters = direct

From your screenshot I see that the terminal in VSCode is cmd.exe (no “PS” prefix in the commandline). Sure you’re on the very latest VSCode and PlatformIO extension versions? It should be PowerShell now.

If it’s still not working, Windows 7 is holding you back. PuTTy is not a shell in itself but just a serial monitor (or SSH client or Telnet client), so this cannot be set as the VSCode terminal, you would have to start it manually.

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With PowerShell the same garbage. No difference.
I will not refuse Windows 7 because of the colored lines.
Eh, and I really wanted to eat fish :frowning:

Thank you for the clarification