How to create two version of VScode using esp-idf current and esp-idf latest

I see that the esp-idf latest has some new functions I would like to try out.

  1. Is there a convenient way of creating two versions of VSCode on the same computer ?

  2. Also, where does Platform IO install the esp-idf source files ?

Why? The VSCode and plugin base can be exactly the same. No need for two VSCode installations.

Every package, an example of which are frameworks, are installed in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\package, see framework-espidf folder.

To make it portable you shouldn’t simple edit this folder, but tell PIO to use your custom version of framework-espidf. See Redirecting.... The package needs an appropriate package.json, which can be looked up from the one in the original framework-espidf with an appropriate version change.