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How to create a framework


Hello Guys,

Am a new platformio developer, We develop a microchip PIC16F, PIC18F and PIC32F microcontroller board and IDE for coding, compiling and serial terminal. Our IDE was built using visual C#.

I couldn’t find any available framework that supports the Microchip PIC16F and PIC18F framework which is why I have decided to create one.

I really need a complete guide to create a platform, framework, board, examples and libraries for the platfromio IDE.


As a start the documentation would help, together with the code for other platforms, boards and framework; For example, the, NodeMCUv2 board, or the declarations and builder code for frameworks referenced here.


thanks maxgerhardt,
I really appreciate your reply, I will go through the link you shared and will let you know when I need more help.:grin:


Any chance adding PIC24F support?


Yes azarubkin, i would prefer if it supports all microchip series( 8, 16 and 32bit)