How to correctly structure platformio


i just downloaded it (for now i didn’t modified the directory) and i am wondering how should i need to organize the folders. I use Arduino and stm32.
so should i do something like:

/main platformio folder:
||-src (projects)
||-src (projects)

or different?

and why does it built a sketch for all the board i have? can’t i decide to work on a single one?

Edit: i realized that the main goal of platformio is the cross compatibility of code between boards, this is the reason why i could choose many platforms. It is something i don t need since i decide far away before starting to write the software which board i would use for a project.

Anyway the debugger is nice, i would love the possibility to move the serial terminal around the window and not having it fixed at the bottom of the page

Take a look at examples where multiple boards per single project are defined