How-to code-server with PlatformIO

Hi guys,
there is a way to run PlatformIO IDE in code-server running under Docker?

The biggest problem is to have pio Home loading into code…

Actually I can install all, go to the PIO shell, launch pio home --host= and open a new browser page at to have the Home up and running, but outside the vscode instance.

Any idea???

Maybe the devs know more? → Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

download ms-vscode.cpptools extension from C/C++ - Visual Studio Marketplace and install it with the “install from VSIX” menu in code server.
Do the same for PlatformIO IDE - Visual Studio Marketplace
Reload the windows
It take a while for platformio to install (10 mins on my server).
the pio menu on the left will appear.
some link donc work because pio expect connection on but you can start another server with the command (in a terminal started with the pio menu):
pio home

good luck