How to append to extra_configs from subconfigs?


platformio.ini has extra_configs = node.ini and extra_scripts =
node.ini has also extra_scripts = Sadly node.ini overwrites extra_scripts of platformio.ini.

Is it possible to append to the global extra_scripts variable from subconfigs?

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As noted in the docs.

If you declare the same pair of “group” + “option” in an extra configuration file which was previously declared in a base “platformio.ini” (Project Configuration File), it will be overwritten with a value from extra configuration.

That has to be refactored into two separate attributes which will then be merged. The docs have an example on this with build_flags which is constructed through the build flags of a base environment and an own extension of it, referenced by the base environment name.

build_flags = ${common.lib_flags} ${common.debug_flags}

Your base environment (example: base_env) should not define extra_scripts, but e.g. a base_extra_scripts field. Environments extending this environment can then do extra_scripts = ${base_env.base_extra_scripts}

Thanks for explaining so much stuff maxgerhardt! I appreciate it!