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How do I load someone else's project?

I’m a first time platformio user. I have a project from github that I want to load and install onto an ESP32 device.

I have downloaded the .zip from github and extracted it. The project has a platformio.ini file in the root directory and two folders named “lib” and “src”.

I know this sounds simple, but how do I load the project from the IDE so that the file paths are correct for the dependent files in the subfolders. It looks like the IDE has several ways to start a project, but I can’t work out what to do. I’ve tried a few things, but still get compile errors when it cannot find the required files.

I’ve looked for tutorials but none explain my use case.

These errors are likely unrelated on how you imported the project – if you went the standard way of PIO Home → Open Project → folder where the platformio.ini is, opening a project can’t really be messed up. Successful compilation on the other hand depends on many other things.

What exact project are you trying to compile and what errors do you get?