How can I create folder structure in src?


First of all I’m very new for PlatformIO and I can’t find anything about that. I want to create multiple folders. After than that I need run files with my selection. I don’t want to initialize repository for each file.
Such as: platformio run blabla.ino

Is it possible? Thanks in advance. Also, I use command line interface not IDE.

What do you mean? Please provide example.

Here is my folder structure. AnotherProject and ProjectOne each different project. How can I be able to run only main.ino or blink.ino?

platformio init generates valid PlatformIO project. You should have 2 different project in this case. If you don’t want to do that (I don’t recommend), you can use different build environments and src_filter.


src_filter = +<AnotherProject>

src_filter = +<ProjectOne>

Then, platformio run -e AnotherProject or platformio run -e ProjectOne.

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Thank you so much!!!