Help wanted here

I need help with something in vscode

I try to build some code for marlin (3d printing) and keep getting this errorAnnotation 2021-01-26 194538

Your microcontroller is too small for the number of features you have enabled. The message that “section ROM has overflowed by 2268 bytes” is the reason it has failed to compile.

You need to configure Marlin to disable some of the options I’m afraid.


Do you know what I can do to compile this anyway

Is there a way to compile this any way

I’m afraid that you need to disable some of the functions to compile it for your device, if you want to be able to upload it to your printer.

However, if you just want to make it compile, then the docs at Redirecting... show an option to override the board’s maximum “rom” size.

For example:

board_upload.maximum_size = 1310720

should be added to the configuration for your printer’s microcontroller. Obviously, you would use a value suitable for your board.

If you are not skilled in configuring Marlin, this might help

Apologies if you are skilled!



How are you expecting a microcontroller with 48Kbyte of RAM to execute a firmware that needs 50kByte? :sweat_smile:

It’s not about being able to compile it, it will physically not run. Reduce the featureset or use a bigger microcontroller.