Help modifying a Github cloned project

I am very new with Platfomio and I want to upload to a NODEMCU a cloned project from Github after making some changes.
If I download the ZIP file and open the project, I get a lot of errors when building, so I cloned the project using the “Clone Git Project” option and it builds and upload with no issues, but if I make any change, save the file, build and then upload to NODEMCU the changes don´t apply and the uploaded firmware is always the original.

Can anyone give me a hint by telling me what I am doing wrong? Or what I should do and I am not doing?

Thanks a lot in advance!


When you change a source file, do you see it being recompiled when you press the compile button / execute pio run? What change did you do and what result should it have?

I click on “Clone Git Ptoject” then paste the URL. (GitHub - sidoh/esp8266_milight_hub: Replacement for a Milight/LimitlessLED hub hosted on an ESP8266)
Then I click on the alien head on the left and then on Build, and everything seems to run ok
Then I click un upload and the bin file is uploaded to the NODEMCU.
I run it and I use it with no issues.
Then I look for a file esp8266_milight_hub\web\src\index.html and modify the title of this html file and save it.
Then I click on build again and then upload, but the uploaded .bin is the same as before without the change. (the title of the html is the original)

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Well how this project does it is a little bit more compilacted, a pre extra script triggers the invocation of npm to build stuff which then results in a changed dist/index.html.gz.h GZIPed file included by the server.

Can you do a pio run -t clean and a pio run -v from the shell and upload the logs of that Which operating system are you using?

I am in Win10
Log is so long that I cant get it all.
Is there any way to save it into a file or some to get it after building?

Yes that’s why I needed to know your OS. Do:

pio run -v > comple_log.txt 2>&1

and upload the compile_log.txt to pastebin.

Try Upload File System Image since you want to update the SPIFFS data… :wink:

See post above, a .cpp file include a header file which encodes the GZIP file. No SPIFFS, though it was also my first guess.

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Hi again…
The complete generated log is 9.5kb so I can´t paste it on pastebin, so I put in my dropbox for you to see it:

Let me know if you can get it…

Hey! I installed node.js that wasn´t on my system and now works!
Thanks @maxgerhardt for your support!


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Well, that’s annoying… the main code uses SPIFFS, so that must be for other stuff. That particular one is a bit too convoluted in my opinion… maybe the author was trying to avoid the two step upload process?

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