Help me debug stm8s

Helpme. i cant debug, Thanks you.
PlatformIO: debug_tool = stlink

PlatformIO: Initializing remote target…

xPack OpenOCD, x86_64 Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-00378-ge5be992df (2020-06-26-09:29)

Licensed under GNU GPL v2

For bug reports, read

srst_only separate srst_gates_jtag srst_open_drain connect_deassert_srst

Info : tcl server disabled

Info : telnet server disabled

Info : STLINK V2J37S7 (API v2) VID:PID 0483:3748

Info : Target voltage: 3.251459

Info : clock speed 800 kHz

Info : starting gdb server for stm8s.cpu on pipe

Info : accepting ‘gdb’ connection from pipe

warning: Can not parse XML target description; XML support was disabled at compile time

undefined debug reason 8 - target needs reset

0x000082a9 in ?? ()

.pioinit:13: Error in sourced command file:

Unable to access DWARF register number 8

This is a known issue per

Stemming from a bug in the SDCC toolchain.

Though recent developments have said that bug is fixed, I haven’t yet retried it.

Are you debugging a project using Arduino, SPL or having baremetal project?