helloWorld standard platform io (all SHOULD work automaticaly?° not working after 2 weeks and 100 tries -reinstall

That’s an interesting statement:

Doesn’t your project contain a file main.cpp in the src folder? The most simple project would consist platformio.ini and this very file.

Can you show the complete structure (directory and files) of your project (with the exception of the .pio directory)?

You don’t need to do any of this. If tools or libraries are needed, PlatformIO will take care of it. If you have downloaded anything manually, it will likely be ignored or in the worst case cause problems.

You probably don’t want to hear it but I propose you execute these steps:

  • Uninstall Visual Studio Code
  • Remove all manually downloaded libraries, tools and possible remains of Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO
  • Reinstall Visual Studio Code
  • Within Visual Studio Code, install the PlatformIO extension
  • Open PIO Home (from within Visual Studio Code) and create a new project (Framework: Arduino)
  • Open the main.cpp file and click on the Build icon (checkmark) in the status bar at the bottom

These are the minimal steps to verify your installation. Report any errors.

as you request a simpler program then hello world (as stated in the title)
as you request a non network drive where it is c:\ in windows
as i place the main (it is even automatic) in project_dir/scr
as it is i reinstalled over 100 times on 3 different machines (see the title)
as the evidence (error report is not even read) it indicates the above

as the error is on 3(recent installed blank machines)
as the only way is to look how and where it finds the source (but that is ignored)

 why bother answering questions  on a completely faultty  trail.

PLATFORMIO Does NOT WORK, its automation has a mind of its own
it is closed and all hints in that direction are YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO NOTHNG.
as is refered to linux on a windows machine
As the error report is consistent always identical the same error

Im losing my time

Hi @dreuzel,

Yes indeed, one man’s “Hello World” is another mans “how did s/he write that, I wonder?” - especially as you didn;t supply any code for us to exaine.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, while the C:\ drive may well be a local drive, your home drive (c:\users\YOUR_NAME) is not guaranteed to be local. It can be mapped to a “One Drive” location and One Drive causes problems with some applications. That’s why we need to know if it’s local or not.

Also, does your username have accented characters in it? @manuelbl asked you to confirm this questions and you have yet to do so.

Yes, but, is the project dir under c:\users\YOUR_NAME? And is that a local drive or mapped to One Drive? This is one of the questions you never answer. Are you not able to answer because you don’t know, or do you just like to troll people?

Yes, so you say. You have yet to point us at the exact instructions you used to install “over 100 times on 3 different machines”. Imagine if you had installed it incorrectly over 300 times? It still won’t work if you do it wrongly, will it? This is why @manuelbl has been constantly asking you to tell us how you installed it. Please reply!

What do you mean please, I don;t understand what you are saying. Sorry. :frowning_face:

When you create a project, did you actually type anything in to the file src/main.cpp? Creating a project doesn’t - at least note on the version of PlatformIO that I’m using, the latest, create a main.cpp file in src. Watch and I’ll demonstrate:

norman@Hubble:~/temp/temp$ pio init --board uno

The current working directory /home/norman/temp/temp will be used for the project.

The next files/directories have been created in /home/norman/temp/temp
include - Put project header files here
lib - Put here project specific (private) libraries
src - Put project source files here
platformio.ini - Project Configuration File

Project has been successfully initialized! Useful commands:
`pio run` - process/build project from the current directory
`pio run --target upload` or `pio run -t upload` - upload firmware to a target
`pio run --target clean` - clean project (remove compiled files)
`pio run --help` - additional information
norman@Hubble:~/temp/temp$ ls src

Src is empty.

Why do you never answer questions but simply continue to rant? Do you want help or not?

It does work, it works very well. You cannot get it to work, so there is a number of possible reasons:

  • You cannot understand simple instructions;
  • You may have installed it incorrectly;
  • You may have a broken Windows installation on three computers;
  • You may have a broken Python installation of three computers;
  • There may be a bug in the version of PlatformIO that you are using, but you never tell us which version;
  • PlatformIo may well be broken on WIndows 10! (Highly unlikely given the number of people using it happily!)

PlatformIO is as open as an open thing in opensville. PlatformIO · GitHub if you are ineterested.

What do you mean please? This makes no sense.

This will happen if you do the same wrong thing over and over.

Well, stop wasting time and answer these questions, please. It’s a simple ask:

  1. Are you using a virus scanner or some other security solution? If so, which one?
  2. Is your home directory a network drive, mapped to a network drive or a OneDrive directory?
  3. Does your home directory include space or non-ASCII characters, in particular the part you have edited to xxxxx ?
  4. How did you install Python on WIndows? Where from?
  5. What version of Python are you using?
  6. What version of PlatformO have you installed into VSCode?
  7. What other extensions do you have installed in VScode? (See helloWorld standard platform io (all SHOULD work automaticaly?° not working after 2 weeks and 100 tries -reinstall - #8 by NormanDunbar for my details, do yours differ?)
  8. Have you white-listed the folder your Platformio tools run from?
  9. Please post the code in src/main.cpp.
  10. Please post the platformio.ini file.

This is a reasonable ask. If you continue to refuse to give the information we need to help you , then I’m afraid our romance is over. Your move…


please after w week of crap, only one failing suggestion.

Use the command line…
All other remarks where useless

it is the simplest possible program. Hello world and read the answers it is published
it is the simplest possible setup on disk bkank system

I am angy in the mean time !

PLatformIO doe NOT WORK on windows it was never testeted not even
for the simplest programs,

I will block all developers tryinh to use it until there isa working version.

Should you ever wish to ask for help again, please make sure that you supply the information asked for. You have constantly refused to do so, and as such, no-one is able to assist you. It’s not rocket science.

That’s fine. I’m trying to help you but you refuse to help me help you, because you constantly rant and rave and make unsubstantiated claims, like you are doing again, but you refuse to answer questions regarding your problem. Nobody can help you in this way I’m afraid.

Yet another rant. You are completely wrong, as I have pointed out in the previous responses to you. It works, it works well. People are using it on Windows and having no problems. You on the other hand refuse to help yourself by constantly ranting and raving and not answering us.

So, let us assume for the same of argument, that there is a serious problem with PlatformIO, and that you have been chosen by the Universe to be the discoverer of said problem. How are all those other developers you refer to, ever going to get a working version if you constantly refuse to answer the questions that could solve this mythical problem?

And you better beware also, making unsubstantiated claims, in a public forum, can cause you all sorts of legal problems depending on which part of the world you are in. There are libel and slander laws you better be aware of before you go shouting out about things.

Do you know why? Because you won’t answer any questions. What is your problem with supplying the answers? I can tell that you are frustrated by all this, so you have two options if yo want to get a solution:

  • Calm down and answer the bl–dy questions;
  • Go back to the Arduino IDE, and stay there.



Hey @dreuzel,

I remembered that I had Windows 10 on my laptop, just that it was never used so I installed Python, VSCode and PlatformIO IDE and built the sample Blink sketch.

It seems that Windows 10 and PlatformIO does work and is able to compile a simple Hello World sketch.

I’ve done it over here: Trying to install Platformio into VSCode, but it can't find Python, even though it is onboard! - #7 by tonymedsker

(If you are interested that is.)

EDIT: If you wish to respond, please respond here and not on the other thread – that one is someone else’s thread. Thanks.