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Hash has not been found in PlatformIO Registry

I beleve it relates to the ESPAsyncWebServer library.

when building I am getting:
Looking for Hash library in registry
Warning! Library {u'platforms': [u'espressif8266'], u'name': u'Hash'} has not been found in PlatformIO Registry.
You can ignore this message, if {u'platforms': [u'espressif8266'], u'name': u'Hash'} is a built-in library (included in framework, SDK). E.g., SPI, Wire, etc.

The build finishes fine, but why am I getting this warning and how do I make it go?

The message can be ignored because Hash is indeed a library built into Arduino-ESP8266 ( I think PlatformIO hasn’t scanned framework-internal libraries at this point and just tries to find the library in the PIO registry, which it doesn’t.

You can create an issue at to notify the developers of your request of changing / removing the message in wrong cases (If PIO can be 100% sure).

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I Don’t see a reason to open a Issue here, as the second line clearly states that this error can be ignored.

Just that being little bit anal, I was wondering if there is a way to hide it…