HAL support, STM32 hardware abstraction library

How I can export project generated with STM32CUBEMX into PlatformIO?
Can I expect this functional in future releases?

Please open a future request here Issues · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub

I added such issue - HAL support for STM32 MCUs · Issue #34 · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub - but my request was left unanswered.

As I said on GitHub: HAL is an “official” way to develop software for STM32 MCUs. It’s supported by STM32CubeMX tool which is also an “official” tool from STMicroelectronics.

It would be really nice to have HAL support integrated with PlatformIO.

Which answer would you like to receive? PlatformIO is open source project, you can make a contribution to GitHub - platformio/platform-ststm32: ST STM32: development platform for PlatformIO and we will merge it.

Currently, the PIO Plus Team is busy with upcoming PlatformIO IDE 2.0.

Thanks a lot for understanding!

@konradhalas, @ivankravets I have previously tried without success to compile code generated by the STM32CubeMX tool under PlatformIO. Others have had success compiling with gcc using makefile, see for example: http://wunderkis.de/stm32cube/index.html, so it should be possible.

The main problem I found is that the auto-generated code separates header files under Inc/ and source files under Src/. This also includes the many driver files, and it would be extremely tedious to copy them all to a flat format (but it could be scripted I guess). PlatformIO does not seem to traverse this complex tree of source files, and I cannot figure out any option in the .platformio file to change this.