Graphic Issue on MB Pro 16

I have a graphic issue on my

  • MB Pro 16
  • Big Sur 11.2.2
  • Core i9
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB

I have the same error sometimes with Google Chrome. Here I found a proposal for a solution by deactivating the graphics acceleration. see Strange Chrome browser graphical glitches | Page 4 | MacRumors Forums

Any ideas how to fix this issue in

Thanks for any help

o_o general screen corruption like this looks crazy. And that’s on 2019 Apple device costing $5000?

PlatformIO is foremost an extension of VSCode. Does the entire VSCode look this messed up? I feel like a fix should foremost be in VSCode (which uses Chromium so I guess Chromium is the main culprit… or the driver)

Also, you can try and start VSCode without GPU accelleration. This is documented here.

Thanks for your reply. I will try it.
No - it’s not the entire VSCode.
Only the PlatformIO window.

Afaik it appears sometimes after a wakeup of the MB. A reboot solved the issue.

Hm, weird, the entire VSCode GUI is a webpage and should be rendered with Chromium, so the bug should apper uniformly… unless there are different render settings somewhere.

CC @ivankravets for weird UI bug on macbook and chromium affecting PlatformIO.

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Wow :frowning: I owe the same MB with the same AMD Radeon Pro 5500M but don’t experience this issue.

VSCode is based on an Electron engine which is based on Chromium. I don’t know how to help here :frowning: It’s better to contact Apple Support and fix hardware issue.

@ivankravets - I am not sure whether this is a hardware issue. Thx for the hint.
I will get in contact with Apple.

This behavior seems to be connected to Chrome only - see

Seems like there’s already a bugreport in Chromium with specific reproduction info (1068170 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail) and this page further says it has to do with using partial swap, zero-copy and rasterization GPU / render settings. I think we should monitor the bugreport.

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