GitHub or GitHub Desktop?

My project is to be bassed off the MakeBlock Ultimate 2.0 Firmware. It is included in one of there many repositories.


I must alter the firmware to balance my robot. Can I use GitHub or GitHub Desktop for version control?

I have gotten to this point


But do not know what they mean or how to use them.

I did a PlatformIO Clone of the repository and can see and edit the file. But I am not sure it helps. The library file is .ino and the PlatformIO file is .cpp! So I guess I need to save as a new file.

I suppose I can rename the file and make the changes. But it still will not be executable since the Makeblock library is not in PlatformIO format. Perhaps I need to put my work-space on GitHub as a repository.

Just add to your platformio.ini this line

lib_deps = MakeBlockDrive
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