Gigadevice GD32F130G6U6 support

Hi Everyone,

Would it be possible to use/add support for the GD32F130G6U6 to gd32v for Arduino framework?


GD32V are the RISC-V devices. GD32F130 devices is a ARM Cortex-M3 device. So that would technically be a new platform.

I’ve added SPL (simple peripheral library) support for the GD32F130C6 chip, which seems to be very similiar to your chip, to PIO in this project: GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-gd32f130c6: Test project for the GigaDevice's GD32F130C6 using PlatformIO.

I haven’t found an Arduino core for this device though yet. Can you share which Arduino core you’re looking at?

Hey, thanks for the replay!

I dont fully understand what you mean by which Arduino core? I just set framework = arduino.


Every device (class) must have an underlying Arduino core for it, which implements the Arduino core APIs and libraries (such as Wire for I2C, SPI, …) for these specific devices, since there are microcontroller-specific functions that must be used to implement the needed functions. E.g. cores are

What core are you using with the Arduino IDE for the GD32F130 devices?

Ah, yes of course! I suppose the stm32duino core would make the most sense for GD?

The GD32V platform is maintained by Sipeed. So it makes sense they add support for this additional MCU.

It seems you have already opened an issue in their GitHub. That’s probably the correct way to go forward. Or you could even create a pull request yourself.

Or you could even create a pull request yourself.

I wish I could. I am no where near capable enough to add support for this board :slightly_frowning_face: