GigaDevice chips support


Do you have any hints on how to use GigaDevice chips GD32F103 family in PlatformIO?
The manufacturer claims they are direct replacements for corresponding STM32F103 chips, but they offer a custom version of CMSIS library as far as I understand. And the firmware for STM32F103 chip doesn’t work with I2C on GD32F103.

GD32F10x standard firmware library is suitable for GD32F10x series MCU. The library is compatible with the CMSIS (Cortex-M Microcontroller Software Interface Standard), and includes programs, data structures and macro definitions. It covers the features of all the integrated peripherals, contains all the related drivers and sample programs.

This is tracked in Add Support for GigaDevice GD32F and GD32E chips · Issue #3927 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub already and the project GitHub - CommunityGD32Cores/platform-gd32: PlatformIO platform for ARM-based GD32{F,E,L,W} chips. Work in Progress! will soon have support for all ARM-based Cortex-M GD32 chips. Currently all Cortex-M4 ones are supported with SPL, some even with a new Arduino core implementation, the next batch of updates will add all Cortex-M3 based board definitions (which your chip belongs to).