Gerhardt TFT/32 not working

Good morning!
I’m using this:

The TFT display lights up white with power, but nothing happens.

Serial is printing- rapidly.
“TFT draw complete”

It’s coming very, very rapidly.
Can we tell if any of the commands are actually being given?
Doesn’t seem like it has time. The display can’t possibly refresh this fast.
lib_deps = bodmer/TFT_eSPI@^2.3.58

I multi-checked the solder. Wires are right.

My bad, seems I’ve kinda forgotten about that one.

I do have the display and an ESP32 to test – can do that tomorrow. If it works for me, I must have screwed up the pinout reading again.

Thank you so very much.
I just did it again with an edited setup file.

You have to specify the display model. Looks like 9486.