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FreeRTOS Awareness with JLink?

I want this FreeRTOS thread/stack awareness like this (see the first body image)
VS Code call stack window with FreeRTOS awareness

I’ve found threads asking about this with OpenOCD:
RTOS Awareness with OpenOCD and workaround

And an issue where the set up of the debug_server = lines are difficult to parse:
Custom debugger issues

I think I need debug_server = options to specify the JLink GDB server should have -rtos GDBServer\RTOSPlugin_FreeRTOS in it’s execution.

I typically get the “could not start debugger, check path” error, but I think that’s related to the strange parsing behavior, I’ve got past that but still no successful connection.

  1. Is this even possible?
  2. Is there an easier way to get the -rtos flag in JLink debugging?
  3. Do I need tool=custom and server= etc lines? Am I trying to target JlinkGDBServerCL.exe?

Yes, this is what I wanted in my thread too! :slight_smile:
Interested to hear any advice on how to get this working!

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The platform code has to be modified for this to work. I proposed that once in but didn’t go through with the PR because it was incomplete. (unconditional zephyr plugin activation in all cases, even when that framework wasn’t selected)

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There is an example in docs with custom JLink GDB Server. Just pass extra options.