Framework-arduinoespressif32 is not pulling v4 of esp-idf

I was trying to use the esp-idf OTA features with https and discovered that the code that is put into packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/tools/sdk/includes is not the latest version of esp-idf. I have the latest version of espressif32 as my platform and arduino as my framework. I don’t see anywhere that actually says what version of the esp-idf files is being put into that sdk folder. Can anyone help me get the latest version of released esp-idf into my project using the arduino framework?

You are correct. The lasted Arduino core for ESP32 is version 1.0.6. It is based on ESP-IDF v3.3.5.

About two months ago, Espressif has officially released the Arduino core 2.0, the first core based on ESP-IDF 4 (a prerelease of v4.4 to be exact). This Arduino version is not yet available via PlatformIO.

To figure out the versions, first look at the PlatformIO build log. It contains this line:

 - framework-arduinoespressif32 3.10006.210326 (1.0.6)

1.0.6 is the version of the Arduino core.

The Arduino Core for ESP32 / Releases page then mentions for most releases what ESP-IDF version they are based on.

Thanks @manuelbl . Do you know if there is anyway to use pre-releases to force it to grab the Arduino core 2.0 with the v4.4 IDF or should I seek a different route?

There are proposal how to achieve it in GitHub. Don’t ask me if it works. I haven’t tried it.