Flasing nordic nrf52832 chip


I am flashing NORDIC nrf52832 DK using vs code it working fine but when we are using same code with nrf528332 chip, its flashing but not getting any output .

platform = n-able
board = nrf52832_dk
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = jlink
debug_tool = jlink

Multiple possible points of failure:


has the build flags set for expecting a low-frequency crystal oscillator (LFXO), so if your custom board doesn’t have that, clock setup will fail.

The other point is that the serial pins could just be different or wrong. It uses P0.25 as its TX.

Since you upload via J-LInk anways, you should be able to just go to the Debugging sidebar → PIO Debug and see where your chip ends up in regards to code exection?