[Fixed]Platformio-ide-terminal does not work in Arch Linux

Atom version: 1.11.2
Platformio-ide version: 1.6.0
platformio-ide-terminal version: 2.2.0
My default shell is fish, and the thing is that the terminal does not work, there is only blinking cursor that is untypable
Here is my screenshot:
http://imgur.com/a/Hgvtw (I don’t know how to embed pictures from imgur here)
What troubleshooting step can I do in the meantime? Where can I see Atom logs?

EDIT: Platformio Build and Platformio Upload button outputs their outputs on the terminal successfully

It turns out that atom version that pacman provides are one of the incompatible experimental version that design-decisions/unofficial-atom-distributions.md at master · atom/design-decisions · GitHub states, so by installing atom from the github page, now platformio-ide-terminal works