First contact very disapointing should I GIVE UP

Compatible with more the n a week building rebuilding trying retrying I see
all the same problems rising with everyone .

Documentation and tutorials NOT ABOUT ANYTHINH at all click left and right
and be supid else NOTHING WORKS…

PLease guide me to a simple doc < 10000 pages to REALY run a 3 line code
on arduino without leaving out all essential stuff like
link to Arduino IDE, C++ compiler Real PIO platformIO commands that realy work instead of being blckked on every milimeter …first page, compiler, not found basic library, placed on magical places …

Sorry for shouting is more like crying desparately …

We’d need to see your platformio.ini, code and error message to help.

" I see all the same problems rising with everyone"

These “problems” are?

Sorry for shouting is more like crying desperately …

No apologies needed, we all get frustrated when things doing work like we expect. However we don’t know what you know, and have done, so we need to start from square one, and see if there is a configuration issue, or if something was overlooked. It would have been better if you’d created a forum account a week ago when you first encountered issues, so that it wouldn’t have been so frustrating.

What are you trying to do? I hope you’re starting with something simple, like a blink sketch, so you that you can establish as baseline as to that the core functionality is working, before trying something more elaborate.

As Max pointed out, we need to see your project configuration file (platformio.ini), the code you’re trying to compile, and the output from the compiler, so that we can actually see what error messages you are getting, and then have a chance of resolving them. Also, what development environment are you using (Atom, VSCode, Eclipse, etc?), and what operating system are you on (Windows, Linux, Mac?).