Find all references does not show ESP32 driver source

I am trying to get a PCNT example project working and noticed that when I use “Find all references” it does not list the driver .c file just the header file. Is that normal behavior?

It appears that there are only compiled driver files (.a files) for the Arduino framework in PlatformIO. Is there any reason that the source files are not present?

That’s not “in PlatformIO”, that’s how the Espressif people built the Arduino-ESP32 core (see here). It builds the exact same in the Arduino IDE. And of course they would package a precompiled ESP-IDF in the Arduino core, because the compile times for ESP-IDF to build it from source are abysmally long.

In a pure ESP-IDF project, you should be able to step into the ESP-IDF function’s source code no problems.

Is there a way to configure a combined arduino eps-idf project to use the non compiled esp-idf source? I would assume that the initial compile would be long and subsequent builds would only be changed files.

Is source level debugging not that common for most users?

Yes, this is ESP-IDF + Arduino-ESP32 as an ESP-IDF component. PlatformIO supports this per its official reference project