Feature Request: actions.findWithSelection (⌘E) does not work in the Terminal panel

On the Mac, Command-E is widely standard, works in almost every text area, and enters the selected text in to the global Find Pasteboard. So Command-E (Menu Edit ➤ Find ➤ Use Selection For Find) works more or less universally, and done in one app applies to other apps. Command-E in Safari, switch to BBEdit, Command-G (Find Next).

It would be good if PlatformIO followed this, but also my specific case is that it does not work at all in the Terminal window showing the output of my program. Specifically that means I cannot select a piece of output, Command-E, switch to the source editor, and then Command-G to find where it is being printed.

So at the very least, it would be good if actions.findWithSelection worked in the Terminal output window, and that the search field was shared at least with the editor.

Better still would be if actions.findWithSelection worked in the Terminal output window, and PlatformIO uses the system wide Find Pasteboard on the Mac.


I’m not sure if this is something PlatformIO can solve – the serial monitor program, aka miniterm.py is being run in a terminal tab in VSCode. If VSCode doesn’t allow searching in that, it’s bad.

CC @ivankravets

It seems like you need to ask at Issues · microsoft/vscode · GitHub

Please also check device monitor’s filters pio device monitor — PlatformIO latest documentation

Dumping device output into the file will help you.