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Fail to create a library, that call a github library


  1. My goal is to create a library using PlatformIO.
  2. I created an “empty library”, that calling a library from github (let’s call it B).
  3. build that library, and got the expected error that there is no loop and setup. the github library is now found in .pio/libdeps folder.
  4. I uploaded my new library to a new github repository (after fixing .gitignore that .pio library is not excluded).
  5. I opened a new Project, calling my library (only #include <my_library.h>).
  6. build project. All directories were pulled (my new library incl. its depency, B, from github).
  7. But build fails since it can’t find B.h. Again all depedencies were pulled as expected.

Why build fails?

Edit 1 git to library:
library link

Please provide a link to the project that fails building, hard to find the cause otherwise.

see edit 1 in question

That repo has a .pio and .vscode folder which shouldn’t be pushed for reproducible builds, can you remove them and retry?

.pio and .vscode were removed. Repo was not re-build and uploadede to git after deletion of directories.
After deleting .pio inside Project, dependecies were pulled as needed, but got same error:

In file included from .pio/libdeps/esp12e/THIS_IS_MY_REPO/src/ABCD.cpp:1: .pio/libdeps/esp12e/THIS_IS_MY_REPO/src/ABCD.h:5:10: fatal error: Panda_segmentBed_I2C.h: No such file or directory